People on the Asperger’s / autism spectrum are *not* “undomesticated humans”

the silent wave

Recently, a lovely commenter and friend (whose identity I won’t mention here, unless given specific permission to do so) notified me of an article published in Psychology Today, by a certain “Dr” Christopher Badcock, that made the bold claim that “autistics” are “undomesticated humans”.  Although I had seen the article when it first appeared and mentally spouted off a hot, snarky retort back then, vowing to write a post about it at some point, time intervened, and the post had gone unwritten.

Until today.

My amazing friend deserves the all the credit for this post (thank you!!), because they rekindled the fire not only by providing a link to the article, but also encouraging me to write a rebuttal.

And so it is.

Note to Psychology World: we need to get one thing straight, right now: people “with” Asperger’s/autism are not – and I repeat: not – “undomesticated humans”.


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Del's Shej

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2 thoughts on “People on the Asperger’s / autism spectrum are *not* “undomesticated humans””

  1. Wow, thank you so kindly, luv!! 😘😘😘. I appreciate your sharing! Your support is amazing and so treasured ❤️

    Autistic hugs to you, honey! 🐙🐙 Mwah 😘

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  2. thanks for liking the post on my blog. obviously, im the “secret” person that prompted laina to write this.

    the blog i write isnt about asd, though im nd myself. im closeted about it, because i really dont like the way people start condescending to me when they find out. people are more “genuine” in their interactions when i “mask.” awful, but its a sign of the times.

    i come out to people on an individual basis. i interact with the community exclusively on their own blogs that talk about asd, and thats my compromise. i value and love this community.

    i did publish that one thing on my own blog, in a fit of exception to the rule, without any explanation of why i did so. the article its a response to, is one of the most abhorrent things ive ever noticed in a mainstream publication.

    as i point out, ive been to the holocaust museum– i have a fair amount of jewish family, and one of my closest friends is jewish (i told her about this article already.) i dont think the comparison to german propganda is unfair or over the top, and i dont make it lightly. but i was very pleased that my friend and fellow blogger “jewish thoughts” stopped by, noticed the article, and liked it. maybe the comparison isnt that far-fetched after all. i believe very strongly in at least trying to learn from history– even if its the minority that does so.

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