Choosing and landing a job as an Asperger’s / autistic person

the silent wave

First, I need to start off by saying that a job is not the end-all-be-all.  The larger society likes to synonymize one’s job with one’s very identity, but that’s a grave error.  We are not our jobs.  We are still ourselves, whole and complete, no matter what we do for a living, or whether or not we even have a job.  Being employed is advantageous for most and necessary for many; but it’s not the only Game-of-Life Bullet-Point by which we should measure ourselves, nor is it the only key that fits the Life Success Lock.  Each person is a valid and worthwhile human being, and there are many ways in which one can “contribute” to the rest of the world, if they wish to do so.

As I mentioned, landing and keeping a job is a necessity for many.  Regional laws and systems vary in terms of public support…

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My autism…

Such a great, well-written post, Soul Sister! 😘😘❤

the silent wave

My autism blurs conventionally-sacred lines – between male and female, science and spirituality, logic/reason and intuition, childhood and adulthood, innocence and jaded cynicism.

The fact that a belief is conventionally-held is not enough for me to subscribe to an idea.  I do not substitute other peoples’ judgment for my own and take it on faith that “boys don’t do [this]” and “girls don’t do[that]” or that “God created Eve from Adam’s rib” or that the Big Bang “just happened”.  I don’t believe that I should simply chop all my hair off or that I should stop wearing tie-dye T-shirts just because I’m approaching 40, nor do I think it’s too nerdy to listen to Milli Vanilli every so often.  No, I haven’t “grown up” and “moved past” that, because it’s still a part of who I am, and I still like it, and therefore, why should I just stop doing…

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