Dear employers ~ How to work with employees “with” Asperger’s / #autism ~ Part 3: Thoughts on Interviewing, Hiring, and Promotion

Well done, SW!

the silent wave

This post is the third in what will ultimately be a four-part series on Hiring and Working With People “With” Asperger’s/Autism.  I’m writing this series in response to the (encouraging and long-overdue) uptick I’ve observed in the incidence of news headlines involving businesses/companies beginning to specifically and publicly seek out people on the Asperger’s/autism spectrum.  It’s definitely a welcome trend, and I approach this news with cautious optimism.  The optimism exists for obvious reasons – hey, Aspergian/autistic people are getting noticed in the business world and bonus!–the mainstream media consider this newsworthy.  We have the opportunity to “hit the big-time” as a community, at least by conventional trains of thought.

I haven’t neglected or forgotten about the “caution” in the “cautious optimism” part – I’ll explain that later.

For now, I’d like to cover the last of my pre-written material, which involves a discussion about the application/interview process and…

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