New #Autism “Research”: Sexual Abuse of Autistic Mice: Factors that Increase Risk and Interfere with Recognition of Abuse

Just Under Your Radar

group of mice hiding in a log Can you spot the autistic mice? They’re the ones not making eye contact.

Note: People, this is satire. Kind of. It stems from the strangely popular trend now of studying “autism” in mice. Please don’t take this  paper seriously — just as you shouldn’t put too much faith in any research which purports to understand autism in humans by studying … mice (of all things!)

But please DO take seriously the issue of sexual assault and predation on autistic girls and women. It’s a thing. It’s a very serious thing. And far more research needs to be done in this area, which must then translate to vastly improved awareness of this issue for autistic women, as well as training for girls and women on the autism spectrum to stay safe — and not spend most of their adult years wrangling with nasty PTSD issues, which just makes everything even harder. Seriously…

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