Let’s talk solutions…

the silent wave

The recent debates on social media about Asperger’s/autism diagnosis weren’t exactly pleasant.

They caused pain for more than a few.

I know that I played a major role in sparking those debates.  In a way, I inadvertently opened up old wounds for some and created new ones for others.

I’m so sorry. 😦

I think that I should take some responsibility, then, in helping turn things around.

Let’s transcend that.  Let’s show that pain and discomfort who’s boss.

Let’s re-channel that energy toward a constructive goal, or at least a blueprint, a vision.

Maybe something positive will come out of the ashes – a Phoenix rising, if you will.

Pain is one of our greatest motivators, pushing us into action, forcing us to bring about monumental change.  We usually end up better off than we were before.

Sewn into the conversation threads were several fine points about the imperfections of…

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