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Love is like a river, never ending as it flows, but gets greater with time! (Author unknown)





“The Accountant” Tries To Be a Unique & Authentic Portrayal of Autism Using By the Numbers Stereotypes and No Actual Autistic People

My workplace has currently put up posters touting this film at their establishment through a partnership they have with a local community organization that assists disabled folks in finding employment.

This great post from crippledscholar sums up my views quite accurately.


The Accountant (which stars Ben Affleck & Anna Kendrick) is a film about an Autistic forensic accountant who is also a highly skilled hit man. The people behind the film (which opens on October 14) were featured in a recent LA Times article regarding what they did to make sure that the portrayal of an “Assassin-On-The-Spectrum” honestly.

The writer, director & stars all commented on how they tried to both turn the film narrative of autism on its head and maintain authenticity.

The problem is that based on everything that is revealed about the character in the piece actually sounds pretty much exactly like the same old tired Autism stereotypes that have been done before.

To add insult to injury the stated methods of attempting to ascertain that the film was accurate and inoffensive are deeply problematic and certainly don’t reassure me that due diligence was done.

This film hasn’t…

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Let’s talk solutions…

the silent wave

The recent debates on social media about Asperger’s/autism diagnosis weren’t exactly pleasant.

They caused pain for more than a few.

I know that I played a major role in sparking those debates.  In a way, I inadvertently opened up old wounds for some and created new ones for others.

I’m so sorry. 😦

I think that I should take some responsibility, then, in helping turn things around.

Let’s transcend that.  Let’s show that pain and discomfort who’s boss.

Let’s re-channel that energy toward a constructive goal, or at least a blueprint, a vision.

Maybe something positive will come out of the ashes – a Phoenix rising, if you will.

Pain is one of our greatest motivators, pushing us into action, forcing us to bring about monumental change.  We usually end up better off than we were before.

Sewn into the conversation threads were several fine points about the imperfections of…

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The post I’ve been holding out on: an open letter to anti-self-diagnosis ‘elitists’

the silent wave

Hang on–don’t get mad yet; just keep reading. 🙂

(Disclaimer: I’ve had two and a half hours of sleep.  Thus, I’ll probably be doing a lot of editing-after-the-fact.  If you’re interested/inclined, please check back periodically for updates. 🙂 )

I admit, I’ve been stalling a little.  This has been one of the toughest posts to work up the courage to write, because I know that some people may come to think it’s directed at them and begin to take my words personally.  Please try to resist that potential temptation, because…

…chances are, if one of us is following the other on Twitter, this post is absolutely not directed at you.  In fact, it’s not directed at any single person in particular.  I have come across a select few to whom this post does apply, but if you’re seeing this on my Twitter wall, you’re not one of them.  So from…

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10 Things *not* to assume about all Asperger’s / autistic females

the silent wave

My mom always said, “never assume.  Look at the way it’s spelled.  To assume makes an ‘ass’ out of ‘u’ and ‘me’.”

Cliche, I know.  But my mom was completely right.

(And besides, hearing your mom say “ass” when you’re six years old is pretty cool.)

It’s amazing how much the neurotypical (“NT”, aka non-autistic) world assumes about a person based on their (perceived) gender.  (I wrote “perceived” in quotes, because looks can be deceiving, especially when one doesn’t look beyond the surface.)

Since I was little, I railed against stereotypical socially-constructed “gender roles” (god, I even despise the term!).  I would think to myself (around the age of kindergarten, mind you), “what–just because I’m a girl, I have to wear a dress to Grandma’s??”  Even the word “dress” tasted bad in my mouth.  Yuck.

And what’s this Barbie doll crap?  I wanted to play with Legos.

“Well, that’s nothing,”…

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Neurodiversity – Neuroequality: What does this mean to you? What do we want?


Two things have popped up on my Twitter Feed today that have got me thinking (more) about the politics of Neurodiversity.

These are the things:


This was shared by the new online Neurodiversity group “NT Speaks” (@NTSpeaksUK or and spoke to my own thoughts and questions about the ways in which we sometimes organise ourselves when we want to promote the cause of Neurodiversity – things like large conferences, face to face interaction, public speaking ,social, sensory overload – things that might be exclusionary to many in our autistic/neurodivergent communities, and to my wondering about how we might augment our approaches to be more truly, proactively inclusive.

What (else) could Neurodivergent Activism look like? What else could it involve? How can we make it better?

The second thing was this:


The 7 Demands of Second Wave Feminism were shared by Prof Celia Kitzinger – a psychologist at the University…

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