The Silberman Issue

Well written piece of writing that touches on an important topic of discussion

A Flickering Life

I have nothing personally against Steve Silberman.

Steve Silberman’s book NeuroTribes is a solid piece of writing that argues many of the same ideas I’ve put forward on this blog. It’s a book that expresses optimism about our futures. It’s a book that respects us. Silberman did an immense amount of research and it shows.

Furthermore he’s worked hard on outreach to the community. He interacts constantly with us. He’s constantly pushing the cause of neurodiversity. As much as an outsider to our community can do, he’s attempted to do. I respect that.

So it’s not as easy to do a piece in which I have to call out Silberman. He’s not Autism Speaks or a cure advocate. He’s at least on the right side. But I can’t hold my tongue any more on this.

Steve Silberman has become a very serious problem for autistic people. He’s become the de…

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