Welcome to our world – now it’s your world, too

Such a GREAT post by VisualVox for new Aspies/Auties/Autists

Just Under Your Radar


Dear Autist,

I understand you’ve been recently diagnosed. By “recently”, it could mean in the past few weeks, months, or even within the past year. But in any case, if you’ve lived your life up until relatively recently, not knowing why you felt “different”, struggling with social connections, and just feeling out of place for no reason you could clearly understand… only to be presented with a diagnosis of Autism or Asperger’s Syndrome… this letter is for you.

I wanted to just say, Welcome! Welcome to our world. Now it’s your world, too.

It’s a big place, this autism spectrum, and it can get pretty overwhelming and confusing at times. But now that you have a diagnosis, it doesn’t need to keep feeling that way.

Maybe you have a formal, official diagnosis from a doctor or psychologist. Maybe you have been researching the autism spectrum on your own for a…

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