Welcome to our world – now it’s your world, too

Such a GREAT post by VisualVox for new Aspies/Auties/Autists

And Now... For My Next Trick!


Dear Autist,

I understand you’ve been recently diagnosed. By “recently”, it could mean in the past few weeks, months, or even within the past year. But in any case, if you’ve lived your life up until relatively recently, not knowing why you felt “different”, struggling with social connections, and just feeling out of place for no reason you could clearly understand… only to be presented with a diagnosis of Autism or Asperger’s Syndrome… this letter is for you.

I wanted to just say, Welcome! Welcome to our world. Now it’s your world, too.

It’s a big place, this autism spectrum, and it can get pretty overwhelming and confusing at times. But now that you have a diagnosis, it doesn’t need to keep feeling that way.

Maybe you have a formal, official diagnosis from a doctor or psychologist. Maybe you have been researching the autism spectrum on your own for a…

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Day 1 on the ‘Job’: Found a Tribe-sister!

I am working with a newly diagnosed Ausomely Aspie young woman with low self-esteem issues. I believe that her self-esteem issues are rooted in family, previous workers telling her that autism is a flaw, a disease. I was told that this young lady was DIFFICULT, acting out all the time.

You know what I discovered?

She is VERY sensitive, VERY smart, VERY tuned in to everything, LOVES tech and painting. She started FLAPPING because she was HAPPY to see me!

At first, she felt ashamed of her FLAPPING, because she was taught that FLAPPING is a BAD thing. I just smiled and said, “FLAP away!” and after mentioning that I, too, am also Aspie, FLAPPED back.

I introduced her to our blogs, links (thank you Sam! for those links), and even a bit of the Twitterverse, etc. I also said not be afraid to send me messages, etc, if she needs to talk or ask me (us) any questions.

I told her that even though I am technically a PAID COMPANION, I would like to be her friend and of course, Tribe-sister, because we are. I explained to her that she is NOT alone, that there are many others like her, and about our beautiful Aspie/Autie, Autistic community.

She actually CRIED, she was so HAPPY! HAPPY FLAPPY tears for both of us!

Later on…

Something ‘told’ me that sensory issues were a huge challenge in her everyday living as I was listening to this Ausomely Aspie young woman speak, so…she tried on my sunglasses, earplugs, and earphones.

She immediately smiled and said, “Wow, what a difference!”

We then went shopping for sunglasses, earplugs, and earphones to help her with sensory issues–had a little fun with the decor on the earphones afterwards! 😀

We arrived back to her apartment, and I showed her how to cook some of her favorite things! 🙂

In short, I have become an Aspie mentor of sorts. Something shifted for me today, something beautiful as I was doing so. I have had recurring visions of this from long ago, doing this type of work.

It is amazing what can happen with Compassion, Kindness, Genuine Love . 🙂 ❤

Evening Reflection: Love Letters to the Earth

Natural Mirror Landscape

My first language was silence,
Because I never spoke.
Now, I write love letters to the earth,
Whisper them to the wind,
Fold them into paper boats,
And find a stream to float them in.
I write of the beautiful sunrises,
Of the orange and pink hues.

I write of the beautiful sunrises,
Of the orange and pink hues
While I sit by the seashore,
Where the waves blur my ink,
‘Feeling’ with my eyes,
‘Seeing’ with my heart,
Hearing the calling tide,
Thumping language of the earth’s heart.

Hearing the calling tide,
Thumping language of the earth’s heart,
Its heartbeats are windows,
Momentary grace notes,
Beams of light dancing upon the land;
Blossoms rise up to kiss my toes as I stand
Divine energy beneath my feet,
Atmosphere calm and serene.

Divine energy beneath my feet,
Atmosphere calm and serene,
Feeling peaceful and complete,
Sunset paints a picture across the earth
My self dissipates into a cloudy sky
Into a sense of knowing,
With butterflies in graceful flight,
As infinite secrets among trees unfold
All things equal, new life replacing old.